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온라인 스포츠 도박

The Classical Association of Canada was founded in 1947 as a national non-profit organization. Its official languages are English and French.

The Association

The Classical Association of Canada aims to advance the study of the civilizations of the Greek and Roman world, their later influence, and their creative presence in modern culture. The Association works to promote the teaching of classical languages and civilizations in Canadian schools, colleges and universities, the publication of research in classical studies, and public awareness of the contribution and importance of classical studies, and liberal studies in general, in Canadian education and life.


The Classical Association of Canada / Société Canadienne des études Classiques welcomes the participation of all those who share an interest in the classical world.

Annual Conference

Learn more on our annual conference on research and teaching in classical studies.


Keep up to date with all of our activities.

The Association’s projects include:

  • An Annual Conference on research and teaching in classical studies
  • Two international scholarly journals, Phoenix and Mouseion
  • An electronic newsletter, the Canadian Classical Bulletin
  • A website Directory of classical scholars and programmes in Canadian universities
  • A Women’s Network promoting the study of women, gender and sexuality in the ancient world
  • Regional Lecture Tours by Canadian classical scholars
  • Translation competitions for high school and university students
  • Essay competitions for junior and senior university students
  • The Desmond Conacher Scholarship for students entering graduate studies in classics or a related discipline
  • Affiliations with the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Fédération Internationale des études Classiques, and the Canadian Institute in Greece
  • Liaison with Canadian regional associations, scholarly associations in other countries, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Statement of Professional Ethics

The Association has a standing Equity Committee which tracks and reports on the social, ethical, and professional contexts of the discipline in Canada through the collection of data, especially in connection with working, hiring, and studying. The results of such data collection are reported to Council and the membership.

The CAC promotes equal opportunity, diversity, and equity in all aspects of the profession in Canada. It values civility, respect, tolerance, and inclusion for all members and recognizes the importance of such values in fostering excellent scholarship, teaching, and learning.?

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